Kitchen Remodeling-which route is better?

Question by Undecided: Kitchen Remodeling-which route is better?
I’m remodeling my 10×10 kitchen with new cabinets, granite countertop..and appliances and was wondering if it would be better to purchase all the stuff myself and then hire a general contractor to install everything or hire a kitchen remodel contractor that will do all that for me for one lump sump? I’m not looking to get high end stuff…i’m more of a practical person. I’ve looked in to Home Depot & Lowe’s and their installation doesn’t include taking out the cabinets or counter-top so I would still need to hire someone else to do that. I’m not very handy. Which route has you done and any advice you can give me? Any idea as far as the price range it would cost? I’m not doing any extra plumbing or electrical wiring. I would love to hear from some and your experience

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Answer by Salted Nuts
do the demo yourself and save a lot of money it isnt all that hard or pay some neighborhood kids to help you do the lifting and removing appliances
just unscrew the screws in the cabinets and they come apart

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  1. Go to the phone book or on line for local cabinet companies. Quotes are free, so take plenty. Some outfits will handle the whole job. Some won’t. Look up remodeling contractors as well. Talk to people you know that have had something similar done, or had work done by a smaller remodeling company. when you get prices, one will be through the roof. That will be a guy that really doesn’t need the job, but if he gets it, it will be a home run (so to speak). If the lowest price is nowhere near the next highest price, this is a guy that most likely has no clue, so run from him. You want to be somewhere in the middle. Ask for and check references.

  2. I htink you would get a better deal if you get everything yourself, or at least pick everything out yourself, and let your contractor purchase it with their contractors discount…. We recently did a bathroom remodel, and got a quote on just the demo and re-installation of everything – then we purchased all of the cabinets ourselves…. save a lot of money.

    I also agree that if you are comfortable with it, and can do the demo yourself you would save even more…

    If you need contact with local kitchen remodel contractors, check here…..

    Good luck on your remodel!

  3. I would pick out what you like first and purchase it and then hire a contractor to help you install it all

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