Kitchen Renovation cost?

Question by tagden: Kitchen Renovation cost?
I know it is impossible to give a price on something without seeing it, but I would like to get some opinions on what this would cost.

8′ x 9′ kitchen. 101″ floor to ceiling. Galley style.
I have appliances, we are looking at completely stripping the old kitchen and put in a new modern looking kitchen with clean lines. Knock out one wall with a doorway and add a support beam in it’s place opening up that side. Taking back the walls on the other side of the kitchen to counter depth. This would eliminate the closed feeling of 1925 construction and give the open feeling I’m looking for.

I have a price on the counters, floors, and backsplash…but the rest…demo, cabinets, installation…how much for all that??

I have gotten one quote from a contractor for 10k, and one for 40K.

Help guide me! Please!

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Answer by me
It all depends on your roof and supports and the basement …Also how wide of an opening for the “I” beam and then rerouting electrical and plumbing…. Impossible to answer here.

Think hard on this though..I know open concept is the rage but the money may be better spent adding a breakfast room and a 1/2 bath and mud room. You don’t want to take away the look of the older home but you do want the space and to be able to accommodate storage an eating area and a mud room to both keep heat or cool in and dirt out. If this is like most older homes you don’t have a bathroom on the first floor. http://img4.southernliving.com/i/2007/03/decorator-kitchen/cantley-breakfast-nook-l.jpg?400:400

The cost of adding on may be equal to your plan cost wise and offer you much more use of the space. Feel free to contact me for design concepts (no charge).

Quotes from contractors will vary wildly for both concept and design unless you know exactly what plan your going after. Also you need the knowledge of what will work most cost efficiently to achieve your family’s needs and work with your aesthetics. http://www.housebeautiful.com/cm/housebeautiful/images/white-nook-1-0107-xlg.jpg Breakfast nooks are great for storage too. http://www.homedzine.co.za/kitchen/images/nook-01a.jpg

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  1. 10k to 40K sounds about right, from “Git er done” to “OMG”.

    What I’m not hearing is a really comprehensive plan that might even involve a designer, to ensure that all the eye candy actually makes a great working kitchen. Also, you can get anything built, or rebuilt, but to take down two or more walls as you’re noting had best be done by a very good contractor, with permits.

    Finally, be careful when it comes to moving appliances around on a design, as they are not just boxes you can slide around, but hooked up to electric, gas, venting, water, and drain systems that can cause real issues.

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