Remote Jobsite Management and Supervision Now a Reality As New AxisPointe Interface is Released

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

This week as thousands of builders converge for the 2014 IBS Builder’s Show, AxisPointe announces its release of InSite Query™, a powerful data interface which provides unprecedented remote visibility to any jobsite.

The web-based software solution links AxisPointe’s InSite Mobile® field application which provides real-time quality assurance, job site safety, and other business process management capabilities.

AxisPointe’s CEO Stan Luhr said InSite Query allows managers and QA professionals to observe jobsite conditions without physically visiting the jobsite, greatly reducing travel costs and construction delays. Digital photos accurately depict construction best practices, record milestones, and instantly alert trade contractors via email when an NCR (non-compliance report) is issued.

“Builders can now respond to the job site events in real time, which saves significant time and money and can rapidly speed up the construction process,” Luhr said. “For small builders who lack a full-time onsite project manager, this tool will be a lifesaver.”

Users can view digital photos, see the GPS location of where information was gathered, identify root causes of defects and make immediate corrective action—all without having to travel to the job. Information gathered by the builder, trade contractors and AxisPointe’s QA auditors is shared on the same platform with automated notification if a deviation is discovered.

Luhr said AxisPointe’s mobile technologies are enabling builders with limited man power to gain more control over their job site activities and react to the ever-changing construction in much less time than ever before. Builders also rely on AxisPointe’s integrated suite of document management, homeowner maintenance production and customer service and warranty tracking tools as a cost-saving alternative to performing these services in-house.

“Until now, technology has been slow to adapt to the building industry, mainly because the products were too complicated and took too long to ramp up,” Luhr said. He added that builders can be online and using the program in minutes by using the company’s standard templates, which can be customized at any time.

AxisPointe’s InSite Query™ Key Features Include:

    Data Review interface allows streaming of QA and safety data from the field for rapid review and approval, providing a second tier of QA oversight.
    Jobsite photos recording a builder’s construction progress can be streamed, approved, rejected or made visible to homeowners with a single click.
    Checkpoint Answers and Corrective Action tags can be reviewed and cleared with a single click, or escalated to any email recipient for immediate attention.
    Customizable drop-down Note Template feature, allows users to store common notes so they can be added to any checkpoint with a single click, eliminating re-typing common actions.
    A full Non-Compliance, Corrective Action, Correction Pending and final Acceptance of Non-Compliance directives, for enterprise-level QA functionality.
    Exceeds all insurance reporting requirements and is approved by leading insurance providers.
AxisPointe’s cloud-based services are flexible and quickly deployable for builders needing immediate visibility to a job site, particularly for remote locations. “We can have a builder online, collecting data on their jobsite within 5 minutes,” Luhr said. “Builders love the speed, cost and flexibility that we offer.”

About AxisPointe

Since 2002 AxisPointe has provided home builders and contractors with technology solutions to eliminate construction risk and improve efficiency. AxisPointe’s HomeProfile® document management solution has been employed on thousands of homes by leading builders. Contractor and Builder support services include risk management services, quality assurance and job schedule management, project quality assurance and control systems, project document storage and archiving, customer service management, work order ticket assignment, insurance certificate management, and post-warranty claims support. AxisPointe’s InSite Mobile® iPhone app empowers builders to eliminate defects and document the construction quality to avoid claims. AxisPointe SaaS services are completely hosted, eliminating storage and backup overhead for builders of all sizes.

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