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Q&A: What does dave ramsey say about home improvements?

Question by dundi: What does dave ramsey say about home improvements?
I want to do so many things… new driveway (concrete instead of gravel), update kitchen, buy living room furniture, update bathrooms, add another bedroom, full privacy fence, etc. What would Dave Ramsey say? I have no debt except the house, and 6 months emergency funds, and a small 401k, no IRAs. 39 years old.
SmartA, can you tell me if that is 15% of gross or net?

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Answer by AskAStupidQuestion…
I would not take advice from that nincompoop.

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Something about home improvement grants?

Home Improvement
by jps246

Question by Vladimir: Something about home improvement grants?
Hi, I found this article about home improvement grants and it wasn’t really clear to me. Can anyone explain what it is?

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Answer by Rhett
Home Improvement Grants are discretionary ‘means tested’ grants awarded to properties in need of substantial improvements or repairs in order to make them fit to live in. These grants only apply to domestic dwellings, but this could include a privately owned flat.

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Are local contractors getting work. What about kitchen leads at everycontractor.com?

Question by michael v: Are local contractors getting work. What about kitchen leads at everycontractor.com?
My wife works as a designer for a kitchen design company in Vegas, and she said they were doing well with lead companies like RR, everycontractor.com, etc. any advice would be great

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Answer by Rachael L
Well, I am a kitchen designer myself here in Wisconsin- I use to work for a company that sold to general consumers, now I work for a company who sells to consumers AND contractors. The contractors get a lower margin- so they can make some $ off of the job to- usually it is still less for the end customer then going and buying them thereselves-

She should try to get in with builders and contractors to fill in the gaps- the return is not as big, but at least it is something. and when the market picks up- she will still have these builders/contracotrs for some needed extra cash.

That is if she makes commision… I hope this answers your questions, I was not too sure what EXACTLY you were asking.

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About Kitchen Contractor

Kitchen contractor is easily available in every part of the country. They run for their business. They are working on a contract in one or two months. A kitchen is completed in short time on lease. A kitchen contractor is able to do his duty in well organized way. A successful and intelligent contractor depicts his qualities in home building. He manages his planning format according to the customer expectations and he can complete his work plan of construction of a kitchen in time. Honesty is a main key of success in every kind of business.

So the honesty must adopt by a good kitchen contractor or else he cannot prove his self best in his business community. His vision should broad and modern. Conventional and latest trend is the second rule of making a kitchen. A kitchen contractor has many workers for this purpose. His techniques of construction are many. There are many things mention in a kitchen construction are very important, these are material of the construction workers who build a kitchen and machineries. Some time they work day and night to complete their project before the time.

Judgments and decisions are important to both of the sides for a kitchen dealer constructor and a customer. Wood work is second step of the damage kitchen. Discuss with your kitchen contractor about some other steps of his work plan that are essential. This step must be choosy and well way of settlement with your kitchen dealer constructor after completing construction of the kitchen. There are many things including in this work are cabinets and drawers, doors and windows. Directions of all these things plan with your contractor. Cabinets build on the front side of the kitchen. More three sides should be empty.

A good kitchen nicely constructed. Rental kitchen are not suited for long time period if these are far places from the dense city and lack of facilities are if found. A nicely constructed kitchen seems not full of things for long time. Choose such a rental kitchen there no water problem observed proper arrangement for garbage, heaving perfect cooking material. It is very essential to know first the type of the nature of the work plan of kitchen setting it is use in different ways, places and styles. Although it is special requirement of a home construction in wood work to select perfect material, shape of cabinets, drawers and direction of windows and doors are adequately important. Discuss all suggestions with your kitchen dealer constructor.

Repugnant people are not well organized and well worked for the matter of kitchen management. All time there kitchens show a side of in order system of their carelessness.

Rental kitchen often use during traveling or for some time official requirements. Heavy and unnecessary luggage cannot take with you anywhere for traveling. A kitchen contractor advertises his services through media. We can get benefits and information from the media of excellent kitchen contractor and architects. A good kitchen contractor does not demand high prices. He discusses his plan format with mutual cooperation with his consumer. He keeps in view climatic conditions, sides and material in the kitchen construction these are the main factors in kitchen building.

Every catering business needs the assistance of commercial kitchen contractor in order to undertake a great variety of repairs and other work. Our commercial kitchen contractor company is the best known in the industry because we go the extra mile to provide the best possible contractor service to our clients.

More info: http://hubpages.com/hub/102-ROI-on-Kitchen-Design-in-Albuquerque–Rio-Rancho–Corrales–Santa-Fe–NM Contact Jack Horner at: 505-818-7773 Best*Val…
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Where To Learn More About NJ Kitchen Contractor Credentials

Checking out kitchen area contractors doesn’t have to be a dreaded occupation when considering the investment you are creating in your house through renovation. Investing a little time from the investigating of contractors will present you with peace of mind, confidence as part of your contractor and also the expected end. You will find a couple of useful steps for getting you began and erase uncertainty and doubt from your head. Sleeping well at night is an additional bonus!

Generally ask the contractor for referrals. That is the primary mistake home owners make by simply taking the company word and not checking him out. Becoming victimized is an unwanted reality in the current world. Recommendation could be the best way to discover a qualified and trustworthy company who’s perform you can check out. Ask relatives, friends and neighbors who they have employed and had excellent bonds with. Inquire like what produced it a positive experience, how the company communicated with you and how he handled issues that arose. The large question is, would you use him again?

Be sure to take a look at their credentials through searches for the recommended contractors. Make sure the contractors hold all of the necessary licenses he needs for getting the job finished like licenses from the state and nearby municipalities along with designations from any specialist associations…

Any remodeling professional worth their name, will have committed to the coursework and passed rigorous tests as a way to earn a certain certification. Be conscious, all the same, that all certifications aren’t created equal. Take a look at what it took to become certified in the area they say they are qualified in.

There is nothing bad about interviewing candidates so setup times to go above the plans you’ve got and see in case you plus the contractor are around the similar page and he will be prepared to work with your ideas and at the same time, provide some helpful ones of his own. Tend not to go overboard with the quotes as it can get way too confusing when trying to make a choice. Write down questions ahead of time. Becoming prepared helps you to not forget items that are important to your job. The contractor ought to be inclined to pay attention to you and offers the good and bad points of your design and style for the distinct residence. It is important to have fine communication between you and your company eliminating hopefully any friction if the unexpected is to arise which in renovation, the surprises are most likely.

Possessing good chemistry together with your contractor is needed as this is probably going to be a person you’ll be working with for rather sometime. You could have to trust the men and women you are working with! Usually demand within the bid value the scope of the job, payment schedule, a website prepare, schedule of primary construction tasks, transform order clause, list for close out and express restricted warranty. Moreover, a clause about dispute resolution plus a waiver of lien which would look after you from subcontractors putting a lien on the property just in case the contractor didn’t pay. Hopefully almost everything will check out and you also can advance with confidence!

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Q&A: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?

Question by LetMeAskYou: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?
I made some home improvements inside the house without a permit. For example: added couple of internal walls, drywalled a room, added couple electric circuits, added a bathroom.
How would appraiser know about new electric circuit and other improvements?
Appraiser can count total number of bathrooms, but what if I remove toilet in the new bathroom, so the new bathroom becomes a storage room?

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Answer by Appraiser guy
I think what you mean is how can the county assessor find out about home improvements? County assessors are not appraisers. The problem you face is if you ever go to refi or sell your home and the appraiser finds out you did all this work without permits, your loan will not be approved. Have you ever heard of car-fax, now they have build-fax, to show all repairs, and remodeling has been permitted and inspected, I can get all the infromation on any home in less than 30 sec and for a buck.

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