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Q&A: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?

Question by LetMeAskYou: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?
I made some home improvements inside the house without a permit. For example: added couple of internal walls, drywalled a room, added couple electric circuits, added a bathroom.
How would appraiser know about new electric circuit and other improvements?
Appraiser can count total number of bathrooms, but what if I remove toilet in the new bathroom, so the new bathroom becomes a storage room?

Best answer:

Answer by Appraiser guy
I think what you mean is how can the county assessor find out about home improvements? County assessors are not appraisers. The problem you face is if you ever go to refi or sell your home and the appraiser finds out you did all this work without permits, your loan will not be approved. Have you ever heard of car-fax, now they have build-fax, to show all repairs, and remodeling has been permitted and inspected, I can get all the infromation on any home in less than 30 sec and for a buck.

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