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Q&A: 10k budget for Kitchen Remodeling in Northern VA area…any suggestions?

Question by michael_ntp: 10k budget for Kitchen Remodeling in Northern VA area…any suggestions?
I have a 10k limit to remodel my kitchen. Does anyone have any good leads as to good contractors?

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Answer by lucidhart
If you have the time, I’d suggest starting out a bit differently. The web should help make this easy. I’d start out by getting an idea of what what appliances you want, what syle, color/finish, etc. Then I’d do the same for cabinets and countertops. While 10k sounds like a not, sadly that is not a huge budget if you want to redo everything.

So first I’d get a list that says what I want, details the style,color of it, and the look. Then I’d go to Home Depot design center (don’t bring a checkbook lol). Sit down with a specialist, see what they have that you want, get some quotes. Then I’d look up remodeling in your yellow pages or other resource guide and call someone and get a quote. Last I’d check out a midsource appliance dealer ie not as big as Sears, not as small as a hole in the wall. The key is you want to find one that does good volume and is part of a buying group. To compete with the major retailers they all buy together but you get more of the personal touch. When Sears botched my fridge order badly I ended up buying from one and found their prices comparable but they offered much more service and had some stunning full kitchen remodels. I’d go talk to them and repeat what I suggested for Home Depot. (btw if at all possible I wouldn’t suggest the Depot…dunno if it’s the same in your state but here there was a huge expose that they were using unqualified outside contractors. So if considering them I’d triple check that out first). But if you have their pricing you can compare quotes and have something to negotiate withl

Last thought, do you belong to any of the big wholesale clubs? Bj’s, Sams, Costco, Price Club etc? Some of them have pricing on cabinets etc. Couldn’t hurt to get some prices. And of course if you can ask you neighbors to find out the good and bad, that might be wise too.

Wish I knew someone near you, but hope these suggestions help a bit!

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