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Q&A: I want to highlight my kitchen cabinet doors with glaze on the corners and crevices?

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by wallyg

Question by The Wiz: I want to highlight my kitchen cabinet doors with glaze on the corners and crevices?
can I do that on already finished doors. Will the glaze stick or will it peel off?
I just want to pinstripe them with a bronze glaze.

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Answer by Dax O
Depends on the glaze. I would give just a light scuff/sand to the areas you want to apply it. If nothing else to give the glaze more to bond to. You dont need to sand it down, just scuff it a little.

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Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?

Question by October Babies: Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?
Hi, hoping someone with experience can help me on this. I’m remodeling my kitchen and my budget is around $ 10,000…which includes: new cabinets, new granite counter-top, sink and range & microwave built in hood, pretty much new everything but the fridge and dishwasher. I know DIY will save me money but being single mom with two toddler i just don’t have the time and I’m so not a handy person so i don’t trust myself to do any of these things properly. The contractor quoted me for around $ 11000-$ 12000 (i’ve check their ccb# and they do not have any complaints and have pretty good rating with BBB) and this is going through him to get the cabinets..etc. My question is would be be cheaper/better if I purchase the cabinets & counter-top separately through another company or go through the contractor? If you have done a kitchen remodel before with a contractor any suggestion you can give me is greatly appreciated.
My kitchen is on the small size 10×10.
Ooops, also do i need a permit to remodel my kitchen. I’m not tearing down anything major. Just put a picture window in the bearing wall between the kitchen and living room.

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Answer by Richard
I am a licensed contractor and have remodeled many different kitchens
From what you have listed it sounds like you found a respectable contractor are getting a lot kitchen for your money, I have done kitchens of comparable size with $ 9,000 in just cabinets alone

I wouldn’t discourage you from checking with other sources on cabinets and granite, just make sure you have a correctly measured kitchen design/lay out and know all the spec’s from his quote
Cabinets-manufacturer, style, construction grade, accessories and moldings.
Countertop- color, grade of stone, thickness, square footage, edge finish and cutouts.

As this all influences the cost, There can be a huge difference in material, quality and price and you want to compare apples to apples.

It’s always a good practice for both parties to go through all these details together and have it on paper so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to expect for the finish product.

Several of the kitchens I have done the homeowner has supplied the cabinets and counter tops.

However I must caution you,
If you choose to go that route your daily involvement and responsibility in the project increases dramatically.
You personally will be responsible for the purchasing of the cabinets, scheduling delivery and any damaged missing or overlooked items your contractor needs to move ahead.
Also the counter top fabricator/installer now becomes “Your” subcontractor, you will be responsible for scheduling template and install visits that must coincide with the progress of your cabinet install and all other tradesman’s scheduling (flooring, tile, paint ect.) you should be onsite to meet them, answer any questions and deal with any issues that might arise during installation, then sign off on the finished product and making final payment.

Do you need a permit? That depends upon your local building departments guidelines, most municipalities require one if you alter structure (bearing wall) or significantly alter or change systems such as plumbing and electric wiring by adding on additional items or relocating existing fixtures.

I hope this is helpful and hope you end up with a beautiful new kitchen.

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How can I speed up a slow kitchen cabinet contractor?

Question by scorpionleather: How can I speed up a slow kitchen cabinet contractor?
My kitchen cabinet contractor is building high-end cabinets for us, but it’s taking forever because he brings his workers for a few hours here & there, and then in-between he extinguises fires at his other client sites. He basically just responds to whomever is complaining more. We started the cabinet design a year ago and he started construction 6 months ago. It’s about 70% done, and I paid around 75% in progress payments so far, but the final details are frustratingly slow. The problem is that I never put a completion date in the contract. Ideally I would like to tell him “for each day you delay beyond next week, I’m going to deduct x% from the remaining amount I owe you, for causing unreasonable delays.” However, I would only do something that is standard practice from a legal perspective. Am I scrwd because there is no completion timeframe in the contract?
He came over today, had his workers here for just a few hours (even though he was supposed to be here multiple days this week and flaked as a no-show out on those days), and then he asked for another partial payment. I replied “I’ll pay you soon enough, in 2 weeks since you need to finish in a couple weeks before Christmas anyway.” I stood firm that I will make the 4th final payment when he finishes. Then he got mad and said “I’ll work on other projects then, rather than yours, and I’ll see you whenever I see you” and stormed out the door before I could say anything. Now I am probably going to use the remaining 25% to hire someone else to finish the job. He was not focusing on my job anyway so it is bizarre that he said he would focus on other people’s jobs if I don’t pay some more now. According to our contract I have only the final payment remaining. This guy is seriously unprofessional. I am just concerned he might know more about cont
My additional details got chopped off. When he stormed out he implied that he would be back, but only after a long time working on other people’s projects (purposely delay since I’m not giving an extra payment). I am just concerned he might know more about contractor legal tricks than I do, to try to scam me when I hire another contractor to finish what he couldn’t finish. I remember he told me about how we was going after a general contractor who didn’t pay him (something to do with his bond, whatever that means).

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Answer by srbrq
Sorry you are having this problem. Have you tried calling them & saying something along the lines of “Hey, I’d really like to have my cabinets done by (pick a date) because we are expecting several family members here during their vacation….”? Or make up something like that?
Best of luck to ya!

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