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How do I find home improvements on a BUDGET?

Question by KATAAA: How do I find home improvements on a BUDGET?
Money is tight especially in this economy. I have a couple holes in some walls, 1 cupboard broken off in kitchen while moving dining room table, ripped up the carpet in the rooms (There is black tar and some stains from the carpet), Bathrooms are worn out just the tile came up from the shower floor and bathroom floor, ugly blue paint in one bathroom then a pink paint in the other with tiles falling off side walls of bathtub), The upstairs bathroom vanity looks like wet wood just ugly and missing a knob on the fuacet, The upstairs toilet is broken and under the litchen sink the pipe leaks into the basement. I would like to paint all the rooms, and also have chips in the wooden windows and doors. What are ideas for home improvement on a budget? Thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by Diane A
Prioritize and just chip away at it. Fix that which has to be done first. Check out sales, closeouts, there are sites where people trade things, garage sales, and there are distribution sites that sell excess improvement items donated to charity housing like Habitat for Humanity & Bilder’s Closeouts (you will have to search in your area). Do somw work yourself, take classes at Home Depot. There are also stores that sell discontinued items and end lots-like small flooring lots etc from builders. Take measurements of all your needs and carry a notebook with you so if you are somewhere and there is somethig you need you will have measurements with you. Also look at Ikea for bathroom cabinets etc. Many places sell their floor models at certain times of the year-you can ask. It takes leg work. Also do not skimp cost on some things-a decent paint uses fewer coats-Behr at Home Dept is rated great by consumer reports.

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Find Remodeling contractors

A home is the most important aspect of any person’s life. Therefore it is important that your home be as appealing as possible. Hire-a-contractor-now.com is a website with many resources which are made accessible to everyone. The website has many services which include remodeling. Remodeling a home is difficult due to the need to find the right materials that will be compatible with the correct settings. Therefore remodeling a home is a complex and time consuming task. Websites such as hire-a-contractor-now.com are capable of offering novices and professional contractors a chance to expand their horizons and create new ideas with the help of other professionals.

The services provided on hire-a-contractor-now.com include fencing, insulation, electrical wiring and online discussion. A variety of different topics are open for discussion. Some of the most challenging aspects of remodeling a home are the complexities of rewiring and insulating the household after remodeling. Home Remodeling involves retiling, repainting and altering existing patterns and designs. Before beginning to remodel as a home owner it is important you find a more appealing design to replace the current setting. Many of these designs and remodeling plans can be found on the hire-a-contractor-now website.  The site offers other services such as product reviews and comparisons. A variety of different products can be found on the website itself. Hire-a-contractor-now has many affiliations with high quality appliance manufacturers. Many contractors and handymen who upload their plans and designs on the website allow users and colleagues alter and recommend changes.

The remodeling and Home improvement section has many different concepts and designs. Home owners are guaranteed to find a design or project to match their taste or ideas. With the hire-a-contractor-now websites customers can even hire professionals such as engineers and architects to design projects for them. With customization people will be able to add in components which they wish to see in the remodeling of the premises. The website projects are extended even to outdoor remodeling. Users of the website will soon find out that landscaping and even fencing projects can be undertaken on the website itself. Fencing is generally a difficult task and is generally accomplished by hiring a company to complete the task for you. However with the professional projects that is up for sale on hire-a-contractor-now.com home owners will be able to create their own fencing. With projects including details of such sellers and types of material, home owners will find it difficult to lose their trail.

The main focus of the website’s remodeling section is to help amateurs and low budget customers to accomplish remodeling as a DIY job. Therefore many of the steps and products mentioned require less advanced tools and materials. Therefore the projects uploaded by contractors are usually low cost and meant to last several years. Plumbing and kitchen remodeling focuses on durability of style and design therefore customizing your project is recommended. There are several different designers who work within the advice offering suggestions for design and fittings for practically every household.

Jimson is one of the best authors at hire a contractor now. With the extensive civil engineering experience he has been writing qualitative tips to educate his line of home remodeling visitors. As home improvement, Remodeling and construction fields need more knowledge and concentration it’s viable to every body to have minimum knowledge on this domain.

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How can a find a home improvement contractor in San Jose, California?

Question by Keenan: How can a find a home improvement contractor in San Jose, California?
I’m looking for a resource for finding quality contractors in San Jose, CA.

Best answer:

Answer by Home_Helper
Try www.RecUmmend.com. They list all types of contractors in San Jose and have customer ratings and reviews.

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Q&A: How do I find contractors and pricing for a commercial kitchen build out for a start-up restaurant?

Question by Stretch99A2: How do I find contractors and pricing for a commercial kitchen build out for a start-up restaurant?
I am starting a new restaurant and need more accurate pricing estimates for the landlord and bank as far as kitchen build out costs. How do I find commercial kitchen contractors and how do I price shop without wasting everyone’s time? Do I need an approved design layout first? Help!

Best answer:

Answer by Roz
I would do a layout first and then have the contractors bid it out according to the design layout. That way you get the contractors bidding out the same thing and you can compare apples to apples.

They will ask some questions that you didn’t think about so your design layout may alter.

You can find reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List – from electrician to physician. This is a special link for a special offer: http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-3501334-10582896?sid=ya061209

This looks like residential contractors but I’ve gotten contractors that have done commercial work as well. At least you can see reviews of them.

Hope it goes well!

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Where can I find a Bathroom Remodling Contractor in my area?

Question by Jerry Rosario: Where can I find a Bathroom Remodling Contractor in my area?
I recently moved to a new home in so california, at the San Fernando valley to be specific. I’m looking for a bathroom and kitchen contractor to help me remodel my home. It seems like there are many contractor out there, but how do I know if they are qualified or not?

Best answer:

Answer by bob
Go to a local building supply. Ask them who they would recommend. A smaller supplier would give a more honest answer than Lowes or Home Depot. They know who does a good job. You should be able to find them in the Yellow Pages.

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Q&A: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?

Question by LetMeAskYou: How can appraiser find out about home improvements?
I made some home improvements inside the house without a permit. For example: added couple of internal walls, drywalled a room, added couple electric circuits, added a bathroom.
How would appraiser know about new electric circuit and other improvements?
Appraiser can count total number of bathrooms, but what if I remove toilet in the new bathroom, so the new bathroom becomes a storage room?

Best answer:

Answer by Appraiser guy
I think what you mean is how can the county assessor find out about home improvements? County assessors are not appraisers. The problem you face is if you ever go to refi or sell your home and the appraiser finds out you did all this work without permits, your loan will not be approved. Have you ever heard of car-fax, now they have build-fax, to show all repairs, and remodeling has been permitted and inspected, I can get all the infromation on any home in less than 30 sec and for a buck.

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