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Q&A: white kitchen finish?

Kitchen Contractors
by alykat

Question by Face T: white kitchen finish?
I was getting a brand new custom white kitchen done, but the contractor has gone AWOL half way into the process and no way to get in touch with him. The cabinet doors are maple (shaker style) and the cabinet (which is already framed) was done from some kind of oak. The inside of the cabinets have natural lacquer finish. Neither the cabinet doors or the cabinets have been painted or finished.

What I need to figure out is how to finish the cabinet and the all joints (I can get the cabinet doors to be painted white by factory). But not sure how to finish the cabinet / joints. I’ve seen there are finishes like thermofoil, veneers, etc. for MDF/HDF but wondering what do high-end kitchen designers do to finish the wood cabinets/joints WHITE? My ex contract did mention that he wasn’t going to use veneers or thermofoil but not sure how he was going to finish it white? Is there a better way to finish them to give it a more high-end look? Cannot just paint them as joints will be visible.

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Answer by Maxi
I know a guy who runs his own business, his factory produces kitchen units which look very expensive although they are not and they use car spray paint, filling and finely sanding the joints…not sure if this would work for you?

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