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Perfect Pickler Announces At-home System That Offers Simple, Fun Way to Fill Diets With Fresh Fermented Sauerkraut and Pickles

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

With January in full swing, New Year’s resolutions are being sorely tested. Many have resolved to eat healthier foods and fill families with good-for-the-body nutrients. A lot of times, this evolves by cooking more at home. So how can individuals aid their resolution for a healthier New Year? The easiest way can be found in making countertop pickles right in the jar with a clever, inexpensive kit.

Today, the American diet is sadly lacking adequate amounts of fresh, culture-active foods, like homemade pickles. Over the past few generations, fermented food’s nutritional benefits have mostly vanished —and in their place a whole lot of digestive aids are being swallowed. When individuals reintroduce live, fermented foods, the body quickly takes to them, improving digestion with every bite. These types of vegetables are naturally self-preserving and not destroyed by pasteurization, unlike the pickles found on store shelves. They stay active in the finished pickles. They are found in the refrigerated section of stores. However, it has never been easier or more fun to create pickles at home. When you build a recipe using the unique Perfect Pickler® these cultures magically appear. The system is easy and follows a 1-2-3 system.

1. Cut up fresh vegetables

2. Make up saltwater brine

3. Perfect Pickler begins pickling spontaneously.

If a person can fix a salad they can be a perfect pickler! It’s literally that simple. Four days later, classic pickles and 10 days later, crunchy sauerkraut.

There is no need to add a culture starter like when making yogurt. Vegetable cultures already live in a state of mutualism on the plant. The Perfect Pickler® parallels the movie Field of Dreams—build a ball diamond and the players will come—add vegetables and brine to the Perfect PIckler® and the pickles will come; they always do. The system self pressurizes to create a sealed and protected probiotic chamber. Yet the fermentor is a common canning jar and the kit lets everyone watch the action as veggies transform into pickles before the eyes.

The nutrients inside are unparalleled to anything a person can buy. With the pickling system microflora create additional vitamins and transform vegetable based vitamins into highly bioactive forms. Macro

and micro-minerals from unrefined sea salt and within plants are released and rendered into more absorbable forms. High concentrations of enzymes are formed through fermentation and combine with vegetable enzymes to predigest the pickled food, and also help break down hard-to-digest foods. Micro-cultures multiply into billions of microflora to replenish our own resident cultures. They also limit pathogenic bacteria as our first line of immune defense.

If anyone were to go to a vitamin store and purchase each of the listed nutrients in fermented pickles, they would pay dearly for the very good ones. When individuals make pickles, they create the very best quality on the planet. And the cost is minimal. You will be making the Rolls Royce® of supplements at the cost of a roller-skate! Using unrefined sea salt dissolved in spring water allows microflora to flourish. They produce enzymes to break down plant nutrients into a variety of food complexes, unlocking vitamins & minerals through enzymatic frenzy. Pickles are packed with concentrated probiotic bacteria, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes more dynamic than any formula on store shelves.

With Perfect Pickler® it is easer than ever to stick to all goals for a healthy lifestyle. For the cost of a pound of vegetables, individuals will be able to create tasty pickles that are naturally self-preserving. Ferment recipes like: sauerkraut, dill pickles, pickled peppers, kimchi and beets with ease. Preparing pickles has never been easier. For more information: log on to: perfectpickler.com.

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Gain a Fresh Perspective on Increasing Profitability in 2014

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

Today, Strategic CFO Services announces immediate availability for Opportunity Identification: Helping closely-held businesses find hidden options to drive higher revenue, lower operational costs and increase positive cash flow. Now is the time for corporations to be proactive in making plans to increase profitability and performance for 2014 and beyond.

Positive Client Impact

Kirk Laughton, President of Top Brass Lighting, a designer and manufacturer of custom lighting fixtures for residential, government, and commercial interiors, said, “After Andy Fleischer, President of Strategic CFO Services took a look at my financials, we worked out a plan to refocus my company based on profitability. Andy pointed out underutilized assets and encouraged me to take action with new processes and profitability improvements. After several tough years, sales are growing and I am excited about the future.”

Opportunity Identification

Many companies see significant improvement to their bottom line by leveraging potentially overlooked or hidden options to optimize profitability. Strategic CFO Services empowers businesses to cut costs and maximize cash flow and shares five ways to increase profitability:

1.    Increase new revenue with top-line revenue growth. In sales, the “low hanging fruit” is great, but consider going “higher up the vine” with alternative approaches to enjoying new revenue with existing customers and penetrating specialized, niche market offerings. Make dramatic progress with better alignment of sales tactics and technology.

2.    Streamline processes to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and drive cash flow. Strategic CFO Services recently re-engineered a government contractor’s cost collection and billing processes using Lean Six Sigma techniques to cut three weeks out of the process. This process optimization results in a permanent cash flow pull-forward occurring every month. Faster receivables increase liquidity to pay suppliers and reduce line of credit borrowings, saving on interest month over month.

3.    Review staffing plans for the upcoming year. Has your business grown or diminished over the past few years? Chances are your staffing plan needs adjustment if you’ve experienced anything but flat sales or expect to grow or downsize this year. By adding a couple of strategically placed new hires, a company increases its “bench strength,” supporting growth and adapting to critical business changes. By the same token, it may be possible to automate certain tasks with new technology, to drive real costs savings by eliminating manual labor-intensive processes.

4.    Acquire technology that steps-up performance. Many small to medium sized businesses are moving to cloud based systems and accounting, accessing every business touch point from the office, home, tablet and phone. Solutions often include affordable software as a service (SaaS) subscription-based pricing, which can be relatively simple add-on(s), or integration with current systems. More effective automation accelerates efficiency and may even scale a growth spurt.

5.    Invest in resolving critical business weaknesses. Every small to mid-sized business has limited resources for investment, so it is critical to maximize the return on these resources by focusing on the area that will best delight customers and drive future profits. Strategic CFO Services works with business owners every day to identify and recommend solutions to real world business problems. We recommend looking at the greatest weakness in a business and determining the right balance of additional staff, new technology, process change, or equipment investment to turn this weakness into a strength.

“We specialize in identifying and creating opportunities for improvement that may not be evident during day-to-day operations,” states Fleischer. “We work with clients to identify key opportunity levers and find new avenues to reduce costs, maximize cash flow, grow revenues and optimize their company’s profitability.”

About Strategic CFO Services

With decades of experience, Strategic CFO Services is operated by a team with real world CFO experience in improving businesses in most industries. Whether a company needs assistance in M&A or business sale, restructuring or turnaround, or technology, cash flow, revenue, or profitability improvement, Strategic CFO Services has the resources to identify and help drive improvement. The firm boasts a team of talented, seasoned CPAs, MBAs, accountants, and bookkeepers that provide strategic management consulting and accounting services focused on the needs of closely-held businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. SCFOS provides part time CFO and strategic consulting, business system consulting, and accounting services to companies in the manufacturing & distribution, technology, services, government contracting, commercial contracting, renewable energy, retail, real estate and health care industries. For more information, please visit http://www.scfos.com.

Media Contact:

Jon Kidd

(410) 583-9669