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Q&A: Home improvement contractors: How do you protect yourself from surprises?

Question by Mj: Home improvement contractors: How do you protect yourself from surprises?
For example, you are doing a remodel that seems to be pretty straight up but you open a wall and find major rot or termite damage or something that you deem structurally unsound. You don’t want to put it back together unless the framing is done correctly but now you have to get into the drywall or plaster on the other side.

Do you have a clause in your contract that covers this type of surprise? How is it worded?
Thanks guys.

Best answer:

Answer by rc
Yes of course, I write in the contract “Any unforeseen problems that could not be observed during proposal process that may incur additional costs is to be agreed upon by home owner and contractor prior to any further work to be completed or contract may be voided by contractor.” I have the home owner initial this section.

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Healthcare Systems Harness Predictive Intelligence from Explorys to Power Next-Generation Patient Engagement via Emmi Solutions

Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Explorys, the pioneer in big data-driven healthcare transformation, and Emmi Solutions (Emmi), a leader in outcomes-driven patient engagement, today announced new capabilities that enable healthcare systems to inject predictive intelligence derived from the Explorys Platform into Emmi’s interactive communication solutions. This integration delivers actionable health information to patients via multiple modalities – including computers, mobile phones, and tablets – at key moments across the continuum of care.

Working together at integrated healthcare systems, Explorys and Emmi are enabling cost efficient patient engagement, particularly to address the situations where population management programs require thoughtful deployment of their clinical resources – such as care managers, care coordinators, and providers – in order to stay connected to patients and manage risks such as readmissions or declining health.

The relationship will enable provider organizations to utilize Emmi in a more streamlined way by prioritizing patients that are risk-stratified by the Explorys Platform, based on a rich longitudinal data set that spans the care continuum. Provider organizations will be enabled to provide personalized patient engagement for at-risk patient populations, as well as ongoing feedback loops to gauge performance.

“Explorys and Emmi have been growing quickly and we are finding ourselves being independently deployed in many of the same health systems across the country,” said Charlie Lougheed, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Explorys. “Leveraging the integration capabilities between our solutions not only makes sense to our customers, but also presents a great opportunity to put big data to work as provider organizations broaden their engagement with patients; especially those that are engaged in value-based care and payment initiatives.”

Using their own data plus models and benchmarks derived from a clinically in-depth data set, the Explorys cloud-based big data platform enables healthcare systems to better understand their patient populations, quantify future risk and costs, and manage performance across their diverse employed and independent provider networks. Combined with Emmi’s solutions that are designed to encourage engagement while delivering essential health information, provider organizations can effectively operate value-based care initiatives, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), bundled payments, and direct-to-employer offerings.

“Truly effective patient engagement requires a multi-prong approach in today’s healthcare market,” said Devin Gross, CEO of Emmi Solutions. “Leveraging Explorys’ analytics is an invaluable complement to our engagement solutions, enabling automation of the patient identification process for campaigns. We are able to measure actual interactions, enabling healthcare systems to personalize outreach and messaging for improved clinical outcomes and help increase ROI.”

About Emmi Solutions, LLC

Emmi’s proprietary interactive communication methodology delivers actionable health information to patients via multiple modalities – including computers, mobile phones and tablets – at key moments across the continuum of care. Emmi’s ability to connect with patients in language they understand at a time they are ready to learn and through the devices they already own has been demonstrated to help healthcare providers reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve outcomes. The patented platform allows providers to track the delivery and consumption of information to measure the clinical and financial impact of patient engagement and meet regulatory guidelines. The web-based platform requires no installation or maintenance and can be used in stand-alone mode or fully integrated into existing systems. For more information, visit http://www.emmisolutions.com. Follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook.

About Explorys

Founded in 2009 as an innovation spinoff from Cleveland Clinic, Explorys provides the healthcare industry’s first secure, cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform that leverages big data. Its analytics platform enables the country’s leading provider organizations to more effectively leverage their data to improve care quality, patient satisfaction, and support Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Accountable Care (ACO) models while applying the power of massively-parallel data processing to save lives and make healthcare affordable. Since its inception, the Explorys platform has been adopted by 18 major integrated healthcare systems with 205 billion data elements, 38 million unique cared-for-lives, 300 hospitals, and 215,000 providers who collectively deliver $ 53B in care annually. For more information, visit http://www.explorys.com.

Cement Manufacturing in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 16, 2014

The Cement Manufacturing industry produces a range of cements, including Portland, masonry and specialty cements. Cement, which is used for making concrete and mortar, is distributed almost exclusively to construction markets for residential, nonresidential and infrastructure construction. Following the recession, depressed conditions across these markets reduced demand and caused revenue to plummet. However, the industry has since recovered, with forecast average annual growth in the five years to 2014. This includes anticipated growth in 2014, which is in line with improving conditions across building markets and steady public expenditure on infrastructure.

The Cement Manufacturing industry is characterized by a significant degree of market concentration, with the four largest companies (Cemex SA de CV, HeidelbergCement AG, Lafarge North America and Holcim Inc.) accounting for over about two thirds of industry revenue. While all four major companies in this industry are foreign-owned with substantial global cement operations, so far they have limited import penetration by meeting domestic demand through the expansion of domestic subsidiary operations. Meanwhile, cement exports have grown substantially in response to demand from emerging markets undergoing rapid economic development. Still, domestic consumption continues to account for the majority of industry revenue, underpinning current and prospective revenue growth.

In response to this industry’s continuing maturity, operators are improving the efficiency of procurement, production, and distribution. Almost all major players, and many midsized players, are vertically integrated with downstream concrete manufacturing and wholesaling operations. Vertical integration, combined with a wave of mergers and acquisitions, has allowed operators to streamline production and reach strategic, but geographically dispersed, construction markets. As a result, profit is expected to rebound in 2014, an improvement over recessionary lows.

Cement manufacturers are expected to continue performing well, due to ongoing investment in new residential and commercial projects and in infrastructure and utilities upgrades. However, according to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Amal Ahmad, “construction activity at home and abroad is expected to stabilize as economies recover fully from the housing boom and bust, and as emerging market growth steadies.” These factors will “propel cement manufacturers to innovate ways to increase production efficiency and maximize exposure to strategic construction markets,” says Ahmad. IBISWorld expects industry revenue to grow at an annualized rate in the five years to 2019.

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How long should it take to get back an estimate from a home improvement contractor?

Question by bfoy624: How long should it take to get back an estimate from a home improvement contractor?
I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for two estimates from different contractors on a couple of small home improvement projects. I’ve already called once for a follow up. Move on or wait longer?
OK….I’ve decided to move on and get other contractors to come and make estimates. What would be the best way to choose reliable and quality contractors without having any referrals?
So the phrase “no job too small” on their advertisments and phone book ads really don’t apply?

I have a clean house, never said I didn’t want to spend too much money, and collectively all three projects in my opinion are worth the time to send me an estimate. I called one of the contractors again last night and left a message. Still, no return call. Bummed.

Thanks for all of your responses they are all good and I appreciate your input!

Best answer:

Answer by realchineseprincess
i guess it doesn’t hurt to have few more contractors. One of them has to pay the attention you deserve.

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what happend to randy taylor from home improvement?

Question by Tyler: what happend to randy taylor from home improvement?
lik i remeber on the show they said he went to florida, but he was never back on after that, an i dont rember them saying anything else on the show after he left, it was just like on the show just just had 2 kids, they didnt say anthing, but what happend to him in real life? i no hes alive, and why id he leave home improvement?

Best answer:

Answer by yoyoyo
lol, thats funny

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Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?

Question by October Babies: Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?
Hi, hoping someone with experience can help me on this. I’m remodeling my kitchen and my budget is around $ 10,000…which includes: new cabinets, new granite counter-top, sink and range & microwave built in hood, pretty much new everything but the fridge and dishwasher. I know DIY will save me money but being single mom with two toddler i just don’t have the time and I’m so not a handy person so i don’t trust myself to do any of these things properly. The contractor quoted me for around $ 11000-$ 12000 (i’ve check their ccb# and they do not have any complaints and have pretty good rating with BBB) and this is going through him to get the cabinets..etc. My question is would be be cheaper/better if I purchase the cabinets & counter-top separately through another company or go through the contractor? If you have done a kitchen remodel before with a contractor any suggestion you can give me is greatly appreciated.
My kitchen is on the small size 10×10.
Ooops, also do i need a permit to remodel my kitchen. I’m not tearing down anything major. Just put a picture window in the bearing wall between the kitchen and living room.

Best answer:

Answer by Richard
I am a licensed contractor and have remodeled many different kitchens
From what you have listed it sounds like you found a respectable contractor are getting a lot kitchen for your money, I have done kitchens of comparable size with $ 9,000 in just cabinets alone

I wouldn’t discourage you from checking with other sources on cabinets and granite, just make sure you have a correctly measured kitchen design/lay out and know all the spec’s from his quote
Cabinets-manufacturer, style, construction grade, accessories and moldings.
Countertop- color, grade of stone, thickness, square footage, edge finish and cutouts.

As this all influences the cost, There can be a huge difference in material, quality and price and you want to compare apples to apples.

It’s always a good practice for both parties to go through all these details together and have it on paper so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to expect for the finish product.

Several of the kitchens I have done the homeowner has supplied the cabinets and counter tops.

However I must caution you,
If you choose to go that route your daily involvement and responsibility in the project increases dramatically.
You personally will be responsible for the purchasing of the cabinets, scheduling delivery and any damaged missing or overlooked items your contractor needs to move ahead.
Also the counter top fabricator/installer now becomes “Your” subcontractor, you will be responsible for scheduling template and install visits that must coincide with the progress of your cabinet install and all other tradesman’s scheduling (flooring, tile, paint ect.) you should be onsite to meet them, answer any questions and deal with any issues that might arise during installation, then sign off on the finished product and making final payment.

Do you need a permit? That depends upon your local building departments guidelines, most municipalities require one if you alter structure (bearing wall) or significantly alter or change systems such as plumbing and electric wiring by adding on additional items or relocating existing fixtures.

I hope this is helpful and hope you end up with a beautiful new kitchen.

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Exclusive Survey From Better Homes And Gardens Reveals How Millennials Are

Exclusive Survey From Better Homes And Gardens Reveals How Millennials Are
This year's research focused on Millennials' preferences for their next home, and asked more than 3,200 prospective home buyers to share their thoughts on home improvement spending, the importance of personalization, and technology in home value …
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FauxWoodBeams.com Announces New Styles, Products and Colors
FauxWoodBeams.com Announces New Styles, Products and Colors. New decorative faux building colors, styles and products expand home makeover and business renovation options for contractors, architects, interior designers and DIYers. Share on Twitter …
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Masco Gives More Than Million In Support of Military Veterans
Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS), one of the world's leading manufacturers of home improvement and building products, and its Foundation have partnered – through a combination of products and cash grants – to award over $ 1 million in support of its …
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Q&A: Are bids from home improvement contractors typically negotiable?

Question by ashley d: Are bids from home improvement contractors typically negotiable?
Sure, I realize *everything* is negotiable, and the only way to find out is to ask. But I’m wondering if people actually do it often.
The purchase price of a home is expected to be negotiable. So is the purchase price of a car. So is the salary on a new job. Do home improvement bids from contractors fall into this category? Or even close?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob G
Get several bids then talk to the contractors you like about the prices. You can negotiate a better price, especially in the winter when they are hungry. However, the cheapest contractor is almost guaranteed to be the wrong choice.

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