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kitchen furniture help….?

Question by sggreenangel: kitchen furniture help….?
in some kitchens there are center islands which is a counter in the middle of the kicthen used to eat snacks or something lyk this http://www.idahoguy.com/images/KitchenWeb.JPG (the center “table”)
where kud i find chairs for it …i have a dark jade green counter with cherrywood cabinets…wut kind os chairs wud look good???thnx

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Answer by doofuss
I don’t know, but one word of advice: look into getting chairs with casters. I think they don’t leave marks and dents on the floor like chairs without casters.

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Remodeling Kitchen and Bathrooms, please help?

Question by The_last_Amazona: Remodeling Kitchen and Bathrooms, please help?
I am thinking to remodel my kitchen and 2 bathrooms and also thinking to redecorate my house.Please tell me any ideas or personal experience about those projects. Do you hire indepentent contractors for each project or a general contractor to oversee the whole project?
How did you find them. Word of mouth or ads?
How about the cost? I have no idea how much something like this will cost.
End result: Do you love it? Hate it?
What do you wish had done differently?
Any help is appreciated as I have never done a remodeling project before

Best answer:

Answer by Peanut
Any time you do a kitchen or bathroom you better have alot of money saved up. They are the 2 most expensive rooms you can do. I think the cabinets the plumbing and everything adds too alot of money. I would say if you are doing a kitchen and 2 baths you are looking at no less then $ 50,000. Hope you are wealthy. Good luck/

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How can I get home improvement help?

Question by David G: How can I get home improvement help?
I am in the process of buying a home that that needs a few major repairs, this is the first home me and my wife plan to live in. i have been researching many financial aids and i have got no straight answer on weather or not we would be able to get some kind of financial aid like grants.

We live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia and the property is also in the area, and we are looking at about $ 50K to $ 70K in renovation. So if anyone has any information that could help us get any financial, preferably a grant, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Best answer:

Answer by Don
What has given you the idea if you buy a house that needs repairs, that someone will give you a grant to fix it (free)? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this really happening, although I can imagine a lot of people would like to receive one of these. I wouldn’t mind it, myself… 🙂

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