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do i need to have a contractors license in order to start a small home improvement business?

Question by firzout4u: do i need to have a contractors license in order to start a small home improvement business?
trying to start a small home improvement business and no one knows whether or not i have to have a contractors license or whether i just need to have insurance. i think i might need at least a class C license but i’m not sure. any advise/answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by J thinker
In any personal business you need to get contractors license and permit.

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Remodeling your home with best Contractors NYC

Whenever you are planning to rework your NYC residence and give it a stylish and warm look, the first factors you need is usually a checklist of the finest Contractors NYC. Soon after all, you would often desire to give your home the best look with top high quality work as prepared within your budgeted quantity. Obtaining the best remodeling General contractor NYC who is fantastic inside their function, will not cheat you with low cost merchandise and also provides you the most effective remodeling answers for your home is a small difficult task. Nevertheless, to create it simpler for you, here are a number of guidelines that you must think about when searching for the very best Contractors NYC.

• Follow the ideas of one’s household and buddies

Inquire your household along with friends about their suggestions regarding the very best known contractors who can enable you to remodel your home or also aid with Kitchen remodeling NY. Soon after you meet them, check their spending budget, effectiveness and trustworthiness. In case you are really impressed with their work and spending budget, inquire for some time just before you select them to your remodeling undertaking.

• Check their history

Like all enterprise, remodeling contractors also have customer reviews from the previous tasks. Examine their background concerning the function they did, the top quality of work, what kind of remodeling projects they have finished like Kitchen remodeling NY, Painting contractors NY, and so on. Examine their services properly and also verify their top quality of work.

• Ask all your queries

Once you may have checked them for their history, it is vital that you simply ask all of your queries regarding remodeling your house.

Inquire about the venture timeline, how will they transform the residence, will they get other Painting contractors NY or will do the work their selves, what will be the spending budget for that remodeling, do they help with Dwelling theater installation NY, and so on. These concerns will help you know about the budget for your home remodeling.

• Don’t decide in your first contractor

Examine as well as examine the services as well as budget offered for you by your contractor with the other contractors. Never ever settle down on the initial contractor. Evaluate their solutions and charge with the others and only then choose the ideal General contractor NYC for your job.

• Maintain almost everything in producing

Each time you spend the invoice or spend cash from the pocket, write it within a diary. This can assist you to conserve income as well as question your contractor for any incorrect expenses.

Whenever you are planning to rework your NYC dwelling and give it a trendy as well as heat look, the initial items you’ll need is really a record in the finest Contractors NYC. For more details visit our site on Painting contractors NY.

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Should Contractor or Construction Company collects sales tax on home renovations & home improvement in NJ ?

Question by maxdavid: Should Contractor or Construction Company collects sales tax on home renovations & home improvement in NJ ?
Please advise if construction company should collect sales tax. What the consequences if did not collect sales tax from clients?

Best answer:

Answer by tro
you need to check your sales tax laws of NJ
very likely a contractor does not individually show sales tax but his overall bid will include sales tax if any that would be required
generally when a new product is produced, sales tax is charge when it is sold
if the contractor bought specific items he added to the construction, if he was exempt for sales tax when he bought it he needs to charge when he bills the customer. ie light sconces he installed on the posts of the gateway to the household(he didn’t make them, he might have been able to buy them tax exempt, but sales tax has to be collected on those items for the state)
for the most part contractors are not registered with the state sales tax agency since they really don’t deal in retail sales

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Executive Homes Realty Announces Listing Opportunities for Home Sellers

(PRWEB) February 11, 2014

Executive Homes Realty, an experienced and successful real estate company operating out of the Bay Area, has announced that it will be offering continued opportunities for listings to home sellers. The company is known for its comprehensive approach to real estate sales, having brokered the sale of all manner of homes from condominiums to large, luxurious estates.

The announcement comes at a time when many sellers may be in need of a realty company with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of the Bay Area market. According to the owner of Executive Homes Realty, his company is able to offer such a precise knowledge.

“The Bay Area is a challenging and complicated market, so it is necessary for any realty company doing business here to understand its nature,” said Joseph Sabeh, Jr., owner of Executive Homes Realty. “We have many years of experience in this industry, and we have exceptional knowledge of this particular area and the intricacies this market presents.”

In addition to their knowledge and experience, Executive Home Realty utilizes a unique approach when it comes to the sale of homes. The methodology they use is “as comprehensive as it is aggressive,” underscoring the company’s belief in the use of multifaceted and individualized techniques in each home sale.

Executive Homes Realty boasts an in-house team which they use to improve many aspects of a home they have listed in order to generate significant interest on the part of prospective buyers.

“Part of our process is the use of agents, contractors and interior designers, all of whom come in to transform the home to its most attractive state,” said Sabeh. “This ensures that we are able to attract the greatest number of potential target buyers.”

The approach is indeed unique and has proven to be quite effective. The company has sold homes throughout the Bay Area, including neighborhoods such as San Jose, San Francisco, Pleasanton, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Gilroy, Fremont and Danville.

The company also makes use of numerous social media outlets and considers the Internet an extremely valuable resource.

“We have to make use of every avenue available to us to ensure that we are able to serve our clients well,” said Sabeh. “The Internet and social media – along with a number of other outlets – help us serve our clients to the best of our abilities.”