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Q&A: What does dave ramsey say about home improvements?

Question by dundi: What does dave ramsey say about home improvements?
I want to do so many things… new driveway (concrete instead of gravel), update kitchen, buy living room furniture, update bathrooms, add another bedroom, full privacy fence, etc. What would Dave Ramsey say? I have no debt except the house, and 6 months emergency funds, and a small 401k, no IRAs. 39 years old.
SmartA, can you tell me if that is 15% of gross or net?

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Answer by AskAStupidQuestion…
I would not take advice from that nincompoop.

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How do I find home improvements on a BUDGET?

Question by KATAAA: How do I find home improvements on a BUDGET?
Money is tight especially in this economy. I have a couple holes in some walls, 1 cupboard broken off in kitchen while moving dining room table, ripped up the carpet in the rooms (There is black tar and some stains from the carpet), Bathrooms are worn out just the tile came up from the shower floor and bathroom floor, ugly blue paint in one bathroom then a pink paint in the other with tiles falling off side walls of bathtub), The upstairs bathroom vanity looks like wet wood just ugly and missing a knob on the fuacet, The upstairs toilet is broken and under the litchen sink the pipe leaks into the basement. I would like to paint all the rooms, and also have chips in the wooden windows and doors. What are ideas for home improvement on a budget? Thanks!!

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Answer by Diane A
Prioritize and just chip away at it. Fix that which has to be done first. Check out sales, closeouts, there are sites where people trade things, garage sales, and there are distribution sites that sell excess improvement items donated to charity housing like Habitat for Humanity & Bilder’s Closeouts (you will have to search in your area). Do somw work yourself, take classes at Home Depot. There are also stores that sell discontinued items and end lots-like small flooring lots etc from builders. Take measurements of all your needs and carry a notebook with you so if you are somewhere and there is somethig you need you will have measurements with you. Also look at Ikea for bathroom cabinets etc. Many places sell their floor models at certain times of the year-you can ask. It takes leg work. Also do not skimp cost on some things-a decent paint uses fewer coats-Behr at Home Dept is rated great by consumer reports.

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what is the best way to finance home improvements?

Question by cara: what is the best way to finance home improvements?
I’m just wondering if we should do a home improvement loan, refinance our mortgage, do a home equity loan, etc.
We are looking at doing siding, some windows, soffits and fascia, etc.

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Answer by Swede
If they are major improvements, refinance at a lower interest rate taking enough to cover remodeling expenses. If minor, consider a second mortgage or signature loan.

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Q&A: Can we deduct expenses for home improvements?

Question by R B: Can we deduct expenses for home improvements?
This tax season, we’d hoped to deduct expenses for home improvements. But our dishonest contractor took us for a ride last year and we couldnt get our receipts from him.We do have our copies of the cashiers receipts for the amount.. Can we deduct for the money paid out, but the job wasn’t finished?

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Answer by Chas
No. Not for general improvements. I think there were some energy credits but without receipts you can’t prove those.

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no cost home improvements?

Question by jammas_1472: no cost home improvements?
My mother is on social security & her home is in disparate need of home improvements. Do any one know grants, organizations, or anything that help her improve her home?

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Answer by Juanaquena
I don’t know of any from personal experience.

I do find one Federal program, Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants. Here’s the link to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture info on the program:
The grant funds may just be limited to those older residents living in rural areas however.

Here is a link to a U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) web page with info on home improvement programs:
The area in which your mother lives may participate in one or more of the Federal programs.

I do believe all counties in the US have an office/department designated to help the elderly with info and direction on a variety of topics. In my home county it is part of the county government and named the Aging and Disability Resource Center. I know other places call it the Area Agency on Aging. I recommend you check the Yellow Pages phone directory for the area where your mother lives under the section named Social Services to find the agency in her area. Then, you can telephone and talk with someone there about what might be available.

Also, in my area, there are some church groups that offer no cost, volunteer home repairs for the low income elderly in the area. That may be an avenue of investigation for you, too. If your mother belongs to a church, perhaps her pastor is familiar with a similar program where she lives.

Also, my elderly mother found reliable workers for small home maintenance jobs through her church and the church youth group. They did charge for their work, but the cost was a lot lower than most maintenance people. The youth group members did the work to earn money for their projects. Mainly they did yard work. They were responsible. Their adult adviser(s) supervised their work.

Best wishes

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Q&A: Remodeling Home. Light improvements, painting, backsplash, hardwood floors contractor?

Question by NorN: Remodeling Home. Light improvements, painting, backsplash, hardwood floors contractor?
I have a one story house(no basement) that I need to have painted. I bought it new 8 years ago and well with two boys…. need i say more. lol. I simply need someone to paint the inside of the house. Living room, 3 bedrooms, small kitchen, 2 bath etc. I live in Georgia near Atlanta. I also wanted to get some bad outlets replaced,a bathroom fan replaced, hardwood floors put in, and a backsplash installed.

How do I look up contractors for this? Does Lowes or Home Depot provide these services? How much would it cost?

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Answer by Sheila
A contractor will cost you an arm and a leg, best to call a home improvement handyman service in your area Little Business Home Improvement/Handyman Services College Park, GA (770) 996-0139 They will come out and see what
you need done and give you an estimate.

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