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Local Bathroom Remodeling Company Has Well-Earned Reputation

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

For 30 years, homeowners have turned to JBS Construction for the best bathroom remodeling Milwaukee, WI contractors have to offer. From full bathroom remodels to quick bathroom updates, JBS Construction has decades of experience improving the value and appearance of their clients’ homes with their high-quality Milwaukee bathroom renovation services.

Family-owned and operated, JBS Construction offers Milwaukee bathroom remodeling services including but not limited to fixture installation, toilet installation and toilet replacement, sink installation and sink replacement, bathroom cabinet installation services, tile repair and installation, shower/bath remodeling, and much more. In fact, regardless of the scope and size of the bathroom remodel, JBS Construction can help. And, because JBS Construction has a long-standing reputation of providing high-quality bathroom remodeling services in Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding southeastern Wisconsin areas, homeowners can count getting new bathrooms that will increase and protect the value of their properties.

As a local bathroom remodeling contractor who is eager to meet any budget, JBS Construction offers a customizable service model for their Milwaukee bathroom remodeling services. So, whether a homeowner is looking for a full bathroom renovation or just looking to have a new sink installed, JBS Construction can help meet their needs. Plus, JBS offers a full satisfaction guarantee for all of their Milwaukee bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation services.

For those hoping to find the best contractor for bathroom remodeling, Milwaukee, WI homeowners should keep one company in mind: JBS Construction. Committed to providing exceptional value, quality and customer service in every aspect of their remodeling business, JBS Construction is a local bathroom remodeling company that has earned its reputation of doing the job right, regardless of size, scope or budget. From tiles and toilets to floors and fixtures, JBS Construction’s Milwaukee bathroom remodeling and renovation services have proven themselves for the past 30 years.

Are local contractors getting work. What about kitchen leads at everycontractor.com?

Question by michael v: Are local contractors getting work. What about kitchen leads at everycontractor.com?
My wife works as a designer for a kitchen design company in Vegas, and she said they were doing well with lead companies like RR, everycontractor.com, etc. any advice would be great

Best answer:

Answer by Rachael L
Well, I am a kitchen designer myself here in Wisconsin- I use to work for a company that sold to general consumers, now I work for a company who sells to consumers AND contractors. The contractors get a lower margin- so they can make some $ off of the job to- usually it is still less for the end customer then going and buying them thereselves-

She should try to get in with builders and contractors to fill in the gaps- the return is not as big, but at least it is something. and when the market picks up- she will still have these builders/contracotrs for some needed extra cash.

That is if she makes commision… I hope this answers your questions, I was not too sure what EXACTLY you were asking.

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How can internet help? I know of Angies List with a million users. Any other reputable sites?

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Answer by Janice 10
Ask other people you know and trust who did there home improvement work and ask for the contractors information and get at least three bids for the job and be sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Happy Home Improvement.

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