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Should I sue my home improvement contractor or report him to the police?

Question by Inquisitive Lady: Should I sue my home improvement contractor or report him to the police?
I paid a contractor $ 29,000 for home improvement renovations and repairs, including painting my house, dry walling, putting new steps on the property and many more improvements and repairs. He left without completing the project. I estimate that he owes me about $ 9,000 in unfinished work. He dug out the patio, left a big hole, and walked away. He did not replace glass in doors and windows, and failed to do many other things. I have a written contract. I don’t think he has an official contracting business, but the partial work that he did was excellent. He felt he underestimated the cost of the work. I noticed that he was delinquent in paying his property taxes and the timing was such that it appears that he used my money to pay his taxes because records indicate that they were paid. Retaining a lawyer will cost me $ 5000 with no promises that I will retrieve my money. I know that this was not his main job. Should I spend this kind of money on an attorney or do you have other ideas. This happened three years ago, so I know the contractor does not intend to complete the job. Should this be a police matter or an attorney matter. This may also be considered contractor fraud. I might be spending additional money on an attorney and getting nothing for it.

What should I do? What steps should I take?

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Answer by Kelly
Time to call judge judy, judge joe brown, or SOMEBODY. lol. Trust me this is a legal case. If your contract states each thing he needed to do and he DID NOT complete it, but you paid for it and he promised to do it [its regardless if he changed his mind during the project because he though he was under paid] then you can sue him. The police can’t do anything. I would sue him.

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