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What questions should I ask a contractor who might re-do our kitchen?

Question by denmark108: What questions should I ask a contractor who might re-do our kitchen?
We’ve picked out cabinets, tile, appliances, etc. (haven’t paid for them – just made selections). Today we’re meeting the contractor to get a labor estimate. I have a few ideas of what I want to ask, but I’d like to hear from someone “in the know.” What specifically should I find out before signing on the dotted line?

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Answer by donna d
ask him how long will the job take.make sure they do not go over budget .tell them if they go over budget to make sure they get the ok from you first.

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Couple questions on home improvement?

Question by CubsFanJW: Couple questions on home improvement?
I am looking at buying a 2200 sq foot house. Half brick half siding.

I am wanting to replace the siding and pay someone to paint the brick. How much should I be looking at to spend. I live in Mississippi

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Answer by Chill
try servicemagic.com.

they send you a list of licensed contractors, who give you free estimates. You will know the real price for what you want to do, no obligations.

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Q&A: Home Improvement Questions?

Question by Richard A: Home Improvement Questions?
Hello everyone. I needed to have my whole house re done, ie…Flooring, Kitchen, Bathroom, etc. My question is…I always walk around Home Depot and see all the different samples. For the best price and quality, should I go to a place like Home Depot and Lowe’s or should I find independent contractors( in the Yellow Pages) that specialize in certain jobs? I’ve never done anything like this before so I would definitely appreciate the advice. Thanks guys!

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Answer by LittleBarb
Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing—going to Lowes or Home Depot for the DO-IT-YOURSELF home improvement supplies COULD end up costing you MUCH more then hiring a professional contractor to complete the work….. So, unless you know how to rewire electricity, put up drywall, tape, measure flooring and install it, place tiles, replace fixtures, etc etc etc… HIRE SOMEONE…. because if you make a mistake (and you probably WILL), it will cost you more to keep trying to get it right…just make sure you hire a REPUTABLE CONTRACTOR with references…and you will have a LOT fewer headaches, you’ll have the work completed MUCH quicker then if you attempted to do it yourself AND, you will have a professionally done job.

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