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Want to completely remodel kitchen. How best to start? Where to go first?

Question by C: Want to completely remodel kitchen. How best to start? Where to go first?
Is it ok just to ask cabinet company people to just come out and give me estimates? How do I know if I am getting an accurate estimate? How many estimates should I request? How much information do I need to give the estimator? I am concerned about “offending” companies by asking them give me estimates then not following through with the work. We are planning a complete kitchen remodel, floor, cabinets, fixtures appliances. Where should we start to get the best estimate?

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Answer by BigWashSr
Try directbuy.com. I remodeled my kitchen for 12000.00 less

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Has anyone used one of those kitchen remodeling places that advertice a complete remodel for $3995-4995?

Question by smrfchic00: Has anyone used one of those kitchen remodeling places that advertice a complete remodel for 95-4995?
The ads say that they include solid oak cabinets and granite countertops (with certain specifications as to cabinet size and linear feet of counter), as well as demolition and installation. (This is in Southern California, San Gabriel Valley area.)
Also interested in the $ 2995 bathroom remodel ads if you have experience with those.

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Answer by Rhoda K
What they offer you cabinet wise is the stock oak cabinets..here is a pic of them. Usually this is what they offer:

If you are renting or trying to stay on a tight budget, it’s not such a bad solution. But if you are trying to fix up your home to re-sell, I find it hard for you to get the money back in the sale. Buyers want to see nicer cabinetry and natural stone or quartz counter tops. Have fun with your remodel!

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Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?

Question by October Babies: Kitchen Remodel- purchase the cabinet & counter-top separately from the contractor?
Hi, hoping someone with experience can help me on this. I’m remodeling my kitchen and my budget is around $ 10,000…which includes: new cabinets, new granite counter-top, sink and range & microwave built in hood, pretty much new everything but the fridge and dishwasher. I know DIY will save me money but being single mom with two toddler i just don’t have the time and I’m so not a handy person so i don’t trust myself to do any of these things properly. The contractor quoted me for around $ 11000-$ 12000 (i’ve check their ccb# and they do not have any complaints and have pretty good rating with BBB) and this is going through him to get the cabinets..etc. My question is would be be cheaper/better if I purchase the cabinets & counter-top separately through another company or go through the contractor? If you have done a kitchen remodel before with a contractor any suggestion you can give me is greatly appreciated.
My kitchen is on the small size 10×10.
Ooops, also do i need a permit to remodel my kitchen. I’m not tearing down anything major. Just put a picture window in the bearing wall between the kitchen and living room.

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Answer by Richard
I am a licensed contractor and have remodeled many different kitchens
From what you have listed it sounds like you found a respectable contractor are getting a lot kitchen for your money, I have done kitchens of comparable size with $ 9,000 in just cabinets alone

I wouldn’t discourage you from checking with other sources on cabinets and granite, just make sure you have a correctly measured kitchen design/lay out and know all the spec’s from his quote
Cabinets-manufacturer, style, construction grade, accessories and moldings.
Countertop- color, grade of stone, thickness, square footage, edge finish and cutouts.

As this all influences the cost, There can be a huge difference in material, quality and price and you want to compare apples to apples.

It’s always a good practice for both parties to go through all these details together and have it on paper so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to expect for the finish product.

Several of the kitchens I have done the homeowner has supplied the cabinets and counter tops.

However I must caution you,
If you choose to go that route your daily involvement and responsibility in the project increases dramatically.
You personally will be responsible for the purchasing of the cabinets, scheduling delivery and any damaged missing or overlooked items your contractor needs to move ahead.
Also the counter top fabricator/installer now becomes “Your” subcontractor, you will be responsible for scheduling template and install visits that must coincide with the progress of your cabinet install and all other tradesman’s scheduling (flooring, tile, paint ect.) you should be onsite to meet them, answer any questions and deal with any issues that might arise during installation, then sign off on the finished product and making final payment.

Do you need a permit? That depends upon your local building departments guidelines, most municipalities require one if you alter structure (bearing wall) or significantly alter or change systems such as plumbing and electric wiring by adding on additional items or relocating existing fixtures.

I hope this is helpful and hope you end up with a beautiful new kitchen.

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Anyone refer to good home construction contractors for kitchen remodel in san jose,CA?

Question by mom of thin twin: Anyone refer to good home construction contractors for kitchen remodel in san jose,CA?
We are in the process of renovating our kitchen. anybody know of good contractors in san jose,CA?

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Answer by life_loverfl
I would get on craigslist and search out tradesmen that specialize in kitchen remodels. Before I did that I would go to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any reputable cabinet supply house or maker and have them draw a plan for your kitchen and provide you with quotes on the cabinetry.

With that in hand I would approach the tradesmen and ask them for a labor price only. On top of that I would ask for nothing less than three references and I would do more than just talk to them on the phone. I would ask them if you can come and see the work that was performed.

Finally, I would never ever ever EVER give a contractor any money in advance. You will all ready have purchased the cabinets and will just be paying for their labor. If anyone asks you to justify that, you have to ask yourself, “does your boss pay you on Monday at the beginning of the work week or does he pay you on Friday AFTER your work is done”? Don’t pay a contractor until you are completely satisfied with their finished product.

I can also provide you with guidelines for what the renovation should cost for flooring, electrical, or any other project you plan to take on in the kitchen.

Here are a couple of links to some of my most recent work.




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What are the pros of hiring a licensed contractor for kitchen remodel?

Question by Apple1: What are the pros of hiring a licensed contractor for kitchen remodel?
We are installing granite countertops, cabinets, redoing the floors and the plumbing. I see and hear people talk about licensed contractors. For such a small home project, what is the difference between hiring a licensed one and non-licensed one? We live in the state of CA. Thanks.

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Answer by gwg24/7
You can get a lousy job done by either one or a great job by either as well. A licensed contractor has to have and maintain insurance, and be bonded. If he screws up you job you can sue him and get restitution from his insurance company. An unlicensed individual has NO insurance. If he screws up you can try to sue him and will likely just get nothing. Also a licensed person has to have both liability and accident insurance. What if he injures himself on your job? An unlicensed person could actually sue YOU to cover his injuries. Are you prepared to pay a big settlement when he claims it was your fault he cut his hand off? Could happen and has happened. You can check up with the state board of equalization as to the number of claims against a licensed contractor have been filed, not so with an unlicensed person. The economy is slow, so contractors are working for far less than they were 5 years ago. Get the job done by a pro. He will follow the area codes, know when to get permits and when they are not necessary. Always get at least three estimates, and good contractors always have references for jobs like yours done in your area, you can talk to the former clients and verify the work quality.

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Kitchen and Bath Remodel?

Question by rich93mau: Kitchen and Bath Remodel?
I’m looking into re-doing my Kitchen and Bath in an Contemporary/Asian(Japanese) style design. I hear all kinds of stories and nightmares. I live in southern California (Redondo Beach). Can I get recommendations and lessons learned from others in the area?

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Answer by netprofitsinc
This site is great for ideas on contemporary kitchens! http://www.kitchenremodelideas.com/ I moved from outside of LA a few years back, so my advice to you is not to do TOO much, a little remodeling goes a long way. Doing your research first also helps!

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Kitchen Remodel Contractor

When preparing to have your kitchen remodeled the first thing you need to do is decide which style of kitchen you want. You may select the galley kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen or the island kitchen. Once you have established which type of kitchen style you want, you can start to focus on other things you want changed.

You may choose the paint you want for your kitchen. If you are looking to use two or three different colors of paints, your kitchen remodel contractor can help you select the paints that will blend well together.

Before the kitchen remodel contractor comes to your house to do the job hired to do, you will need to move your kitchen table, hutch and/or other items out of your kitchen. Hopefully you have a basement or storage shed that you can store your kitchen items in. You may have your kitchen in disarray for quite some time and you do not want to be sitting in a pile of furniture and boxes of dishes in your living areas. You may even choose to buy a storage shed just to place your items in temporarily if you have no storage area at your house. By doing so, you will have peace of mind and it will help to keep you stress free.

You can wait to put your items in storage up until right before the kitchen remodel contractor comes to your home if you set it up ahead of time. This will save you money so you do not have to pay extra beforehand.

You can talk to the kitchen remodel contractor about your kitchen cabinets. You may have your kitchen cabinets refaced. You may decide to have all of the kitchen cabinets completely ripped out of your kitchen and brand new kitchen cabinets installed. You can find many new styles of kitchen cabinets that will give you even more room.

Some kitchen drawers slide out and there are two layers inside of the drawer. Some kitchen cabinets are very deep so you can fit even more kitchen items inside of them. The cabinets may also slide out to help you reach the items that are in the back of them.

Let the kitchen remodel contractor know the heavy traffic areas in your home. Also, let the professional know if you have a dog or dogs as well as how many children. This can help determine which type of flooring will be best for your kitchen.

You can prepare ahead of time before the kitchen remodel contractor comes to your home. You can give the contractor an idea of what you want done to your kitchen. He or she may have suggestions that will benefit you. Once you know the date of the start of your kitchen remodeling, you can move your kitchen furniture into storage for a brief time.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears New Jersey Home Improvements . If you would like more information on Kitchen Remodel Contractors, visit the Kitchen Remodeling section of the Sears Home Services website or call 1-866-238-5142.

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has anyone used Sears to remodel their kitchen?

Question by anonymous: has anyone used Sears to remodel their kitchen?
I need to remodel my house’s kitchen, including new appliances, cabinets, and flooring. I have no idea how to go about finding a reputable kitchen contractor, and I see Sears does remodels. Anyone have experience with them?

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Answer by Maria
My parents used Sears to remodel their kitchen and it turned out great! It was a very unworkable kitchen before with a ton of cabinetry but little counter space. It now not only looks great but is very workable. I believe they did have a bit of trouble getting the exact appliances they wanted and did have to go to lowe’s or something but it all worked out in the end. Good luck!

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