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Returning for a Fourth Year: Cat Care Society Announces the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats Artists, Sponsors and Design Concepts

Lakewood, CO (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Cat Care Society (CCS) has selected the artists and finalized artist sponsorships for the 2014 ‘Tails of the Painted Cats’ lineup of one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life artwork cats. The announcement is made by CCS President Diane Stoner, who says, “Our artists are finishing their painted cats, and on May 8th ‘Tails of the Painted Cats’ will debut at the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery prior to touring throughout the community. The Gala Dinner & Auction is Saturday, July 26th, at Pinehurst Country Club.”

The 2014 ‘Tails of the Painted Cats’ artists, painted cats and sponsors include:

1 Ella Buchholz – Red Hot Ruby – Maggie Holben

2 Jane McFadden Dorsey – Richard Parker – Lynn & Michelle Brevard

3 Pat Lickly – Bastet, Cat Goddess – Harold & Christina Taylor

4 Wendy Luck – Wildflower – Clyde & Barbara Dawson

5 Karen Mahnken – Dandy Lion – Mary Grace Yonts

6 Karen Mahnken & Kyle Hardyway – Purr Lancelot – Ann Waite & CCS Volunteer

7 Betsy Keyser – Purrlock Holmes – Mary Ann Schultz

8 Betsy Keyser – PurrFectly Purple Puss – Richard & Kathy Swanson

9 Kimiko VonWyrd – Thunder and Lightning – Sara Elder and Anastasia Betterton-Fike

10 Kimiko VonWyrd – Cubism Cat – Barbara Kane & Mark P.

11 Jackie McFarland – Garden Variety Cat – Nature’s Way

12 Sheila Bobay McFather – Cleo-Catra – Richard & Kathy Husband

13 Jamie McWhirt – Colorado Cat – Mary Foster & Kay Higgins

14 Carla Pawlewicz – Cat-tails and Dogwood – Diane Stoner & Marggie Dassler

15 Katherine Ross – The Pattern Cats – Mark & Linda Brandon and Sharon Davis

16 Cortnye Rusch – Barn Cat-Owl – Clete Nolde

17 Pam Schmidt – Filigree – Steve Holben

18 Bobbi Shupe – O’ Sole Meow – Gail Tinianow

19 Becky Enabnit Silver – Aspen Cat – Dr. Liz O’Rourke, Animal Urgent Care

20 Kristina Spargo – Cerulean Ming – Marsha Crest, CCS Volunteer & Patron

21 Kristina Spargo – Odonata – Richard & Kathy Swanson

22 Cam Williams – Zentangle Kitty – Karen Gonzalez & Tender Touch Animal Hospital

23 Jane McFadden Dorsey – Edwina Degas – Corporal Reggie Waddle

“This is the fourth year for ‘Tails of the Painted Cats’ and we’re thrilled to again welcome CBS4 Weather Anchor Ed Greene as our Master of Ceremonies and Douglas M. Tisdale, Esq., Mayor of Cherry Hills Village, as our Auctioneer. Marianne Lorenz, Curator & Director of Educational Programs at Foothills Arts Center, served as juror for this year’s project,” Stoner says.

Drawing Kitty: Edwina Degas by Jane McFadden Dorsey

In addition to the Painted Cats being created and auctioned, local artist Jane McFadden Dorsey has again created the project’s official ‘drawing kitty.’ This year it’s Edwina Degas, sponsored by CCS Munchkin Cat Corporal Reggie Waddle. For $ 10.00 per ticket, names are entered in a drawing to take Edwina home. The winner of Edwina Degas will be announced at the July 26th Gala Dinner & Auction.

About Tails of the Painted Cats

Some of the Painted Cats are standing, and some are sitting, but they are all unique, original works of art. You can view the online gallery of the 2014 painted cat designs at: http://youtu.be/uZUVjGRMMbM. Advanced online bidding will be active starting in May. In the interim, event sponsorships for the Gala Dinner & Auction, offering a variety of premium benefits for corporations, are available by contacting Mary Jo Baker, CCS Director of Major and Planned Gifts, at 303-239-9680, ext. 15. For more information, visit: http://www.catcaresociety.org/docs/2014%20TOPC%20Sponsorship%20PackagesTickets.pdf.

About the Cat Care Society

CCS, founded in 1981, is a nonprofit organization established to improve the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. The Society’s goals are:

To sponsor educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, and the elimination of pet overpopulation;
To shelter cats in a healthy, cage free environment and to find compatible and responsible families for every cat;
To provide community outreach programs that improve the quality of life for cats and people;
To be a friend to all cats.

CCS is supported by a number of loyal members and contributors, without whom the shelter could not operate.  CCS receives no government funding.  In addition, CCS volunteers assist with many fundraising activities each year. For more information, visit http://www.catcaresociety.org.

Denver’s Cat Care Society is also found on these social media sites:

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/CatCareSociety

Facebook Tails of the Painted Cats Page: http://www.facebook.com/TailsofthePaintedCats

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CatCareSociety

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/catcaresociety


Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, Absolutely PR on behalf of the Cat Care Society – http://www.absolutelypr.com – 303-984-9801, maggie(at)absolutelypr(dot)com

Dr. George Rappard Presents Results on Endoscopic Back Pain Treatment at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Spine Radiology

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Spine Institute Neurointerventional Surgeon, Dr. George Rappard, presented his results for the endoscopic treatment of back pain due to herniated disc at the annual meeting of the American Society of Spine Radiology (ASSR), held from February 13-15, 2014, in Miami, Florida. At the ASSR annual meeting, leading physicians in the minimally invasive treatment of spine pain from around the world gather to present ground breaking results and exchange ideas. Dr. Rappard’s presentation centered on his results performing endoscopic discectomy for the treatment of severe back pain and sciatica. Endoscopic discectomy involves the use of a specially designed endoscope placed through a tiny incision in the back. The endoscope is a tiny 6 or 7 millimeter tube with a high resolution lens and camera. Through the endoscope the surgeon can view very high resolution video from inside the spine while operating through a small opening in the endoscope. Using precision micro-instruments, Dr. Rappard was able to precisely remove only the damaged portion of his patent’s disc, leaving the healthy portion behind. Dr. Rappard states, “Our success in treating back pain is due in large part to cutting edge technology, including a micro energy probe used to perform thermodiscoplasty. Thermodiscoplasty is a process where the energy probe targets not only the damaged disc, but also painful inflammation caused by the disc herniation. This new technology is as effective and more accurate than the lasers we used to use.” Patients return home the same day and are encouraged to increase their activity as soon as the day after surgery.

Patients in Dr. Rappard’s study suffered from moderate to severe back pain proven to be due to disc herniation. All patients had symptoms despite physical therapy and medications. Pain scores were obtained and were based on a subjective scoring of the patient’s own pain. The average score prior to surgery was consistent with severe pain. Patients in the study tended to suffer from back pain more than leg pain. At an average follow up of 96 days patients self-reported their pain levels by answering a questionnaire. A startling 94% success rate in treating back pain was announced. Dr. Rappard reported that 27 disc herniations were treated in the study and that the study would be on-going, with future presentations planned as the study grows.

The disc is a cushion between the vertebrae of the spine. In many people, the disc can be injured by motor vehicle accidents and strenuous activity. Disc herniation is an important cause of back pain and is the usual cause of sciatica, a condition where a nerve is pinched and pain is felt in the buttocks or legs. Approximately 40% of all Americans report having had an episode of back pain in the last 3 months. Roughly 1/3 also report sciatica, or leg pain. Dr. Rappard notes that in the U.S., doctor’s office visits are more common for back pain then they are for headache and allergy. In the 18-44 year old age group lumbar disc injury is among the most common reason to visit a doctor or go to the emergency room.

Currently available treatments for sciatica and back pain include injections of the spine. While this can provide pain relief while the back is healing, in some patients pain will continue. Also, about 30% of patients will suffer from a subsequent episode of back pain. Fusion, the surgical joining of one vertebra to another, is the most common surgical treatment for back pain in the U.S. However, the procedure is quite extensive, with a prolonged recovery and only about a 60% satisfaction rate. Endoscopic discectomy with thermodiscoplasty provides doctors with a minimally invasive treatment option for the treatment of disabling back pain and sciatica. Unlike fusion, the normal stability and motion of the spine is maintained. This allows a more natural functioning and movement of the spine. A more natural function also means that patients can resume chiropractic care or start extensive therapy within a week or two, instead of several months as in lumbar fusion.

The Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Spine Institute provides state of the art comprehensive and minimally invasive spine therapies, including cutting edge research. Institute care is delivered in a compassionate and accessible community based setting. Since the Institute specializes in ultra-minimally invasive procedures, care is delivered in an efficient, convenient and cost sparing out-patient environment. The Institute is the first in California to perform endoscopic minimally invasive lumbar fusion and is one of just a handful of comprehensive endoscopic surgery centers on the West Coast.

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