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HomeThangs.com Has Introduced a Guide to Six Unique Twists on the Classic Apron Sink

(PRWEB) March 04, 2014

HomeThangs.com – the Online Home Improvement Store – has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer. With that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

Apron sinks are usually associated with very traditional farmhouse kitchens – a style that’s classic, hardy, and designed for heavy use. But these old fashioned sinks have gotten a few facelifts in design, material, and overall style that means they can work in a variety of different kitchens. HomeThangs.com has introduced a guide to spice up this iconic fixture.

Farmhouse kitchens are generally pretty simple – clean and open with white cabinets and maybe wood floors or countertops. To make the style look and feel more unique, consider dressing it down: instead of full cabinets, give the apron sink a cloth skirt surrounded with open shelves, and accessorize with attractive containers, dishes, or even pantry items. This will give the kitchen an earthier, more rustic quality that’s tied together by the classic sink.

Farmhouse style kitchens dress up well, too. Take that same classic white fireclay apron sink and put it in a kitchen with hardwood floors, detailed woodwork on the cabinets, antique hardware, and elegant fabric window dressings, and the space will have a different look entirely – a sophisticated French country style than a classic American farmhouse. The apron sink will act as the focal point of the space, giving it that hint of practical usefulness that will keep the kitchen from feeling too ornate to use.

Apron sinks don’t have to be made of fireclay or porcelain. They can also be made of metal, like copper. Copper apron sinks are thick, heavy, and often handmade, with a beautiful hand-hammered texture, natural weathered patina, and ornate copper scrollwork or other detailing on the front of the apron. This type of kitchen sink should be paired with a very ornate, traditional kitchen, and works especially well with a French country style that’s a little less country and a little more aristocratic feeling.

Copper apron sinks can also have a very rugged, hand made appearance if the surface is left unadorned. These have the same gorgeous patina that more ornate sinks do, but rather than having the ornate scrollwork like the sink above, they’re left with a simple, dimpled texture that showcases their artisan craftsmanship. These are better for slightly more rustic kitchens, especially ones with a cabin or southwestern theme, where the sink will help contribute to the rugged, hand-hewn quality of the space.

Stainless steel apron sinks are also starting to become quite popular, but have a much more modern look and feel. Sleek stainless steel aprons pair beautifully with matching appliances and offer a slightly more industrial feel than classic down-home fireclay sinks. But while this pairing of old and new might seem a bit odd, it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, stainless steel is a very practical, durable material and apron sinks are specifically designed for heavy use, meaning this unique combination offers the utility of a professional grade restaurant sink with a slightly homier appearance.

Stainless steel sinks apron sinks can also work spectacularly well in a more traditional kitchen. Pairing a brushed steel sink with classic white cabinets fitted with matching hardware creates a stunning transitional style that combines the charm of a more traditional space with just enough of a contemporary feel that the space doesn’t feel old fashioned.

To see more of these styles in action, check out the full article here.

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