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Bay Area Contractors – Why Do the Estimates Vary So Much among Different Contractors


When comparing estimates from different Bay Area contractors for a specific kitchen renovation job for your home, it is possible that what you have in your hands have widely varying kitchen remodeling estimates. Although there are many factors that affect pricing differences, the fist thing that you have to ask yourself is, are you doing an apple to apple comparison? If not, find out where the knot is.
It is possible that the different local contractors are not in unison in terms of the scope of work covered in their respective proposals. To avoid confusion, clarify any grey areas about the proposals with the concerned Bay Area contractors. Understanding the exact scope of the proposal prior to signing a contract will prevent surprises that may spring later when the kitchen remodeling project is already underway.
A common source of irritants between homeowners and kitchen remodeling contractors are the additional bills for work done that was not included in the original scope of work as spelled out in the free estimates. Either the contractor failed to include the necessary work in their cost estimates or the homeowner failed to specify its inclusion. Either way, it would have been avoided if both parties are clear on the specific scope of the kitchen remodeling quote. It is therefore important to put every thing in writing.
Following are some of the factors that can contribute to significant differences in kitchen remodeling estimates:
– Quoted Materials – Although the bids may contain the scope of work, the materials to be used may be different. The type of materials to be use should be considered in the evaluation process.
– Bill of Materials – To avoid surprises, a bill of materials with detailed costing should be included in the kitchen remodeling estimates. Some contractors offer only a lump sum amount to cover for all the materials. This makes comparison difficult.
– All In – Make sure that everything is covered in the quotation including the necessary permits, finishing and clean up. Some contractors deliberately keep mum about certain details to make their bid competitive but will bill them later once they get the job.
– Insurance and Licenses – Make sure that you are dealing with a duly licensed and insured contractor. Some small contractors skip these expenses to cut down on cost. However, these are necessary in running a reputable construction firm. A reputable Bay Area contractors will shoulder these expenses and not pass them on to clients.

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