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insurance wont replace smoke damaged kitchen?

Question by vintage-topper: insurance wont replace smoke damaged kitchen?
We have had the surveyor out today to assess the fire damage. Our wood ceiling needs to be ripped out and replaced, the wallpaper needs to come off and be replaced, all skirting boards and anything that needs painted needs to be re-painted and the floor will be replaced. This is all because it is smoke damaged. Two kitchen drawers and two cupboard doors need replaced because they are burnt but if a match cant be found then we have to pay for the remaining cupboards and drawers to be replaced. We know we cant get a match because the company we purchased the kitchen from went into liquidation recently. It states in our policy that if a match cant be found then they only replace the damaged ones and we pay the rest which is gonna be over £1200. The surveyor has said that because the remaining units aren’t burned then the insurance wont pay out BUT they are smoke damaged like everything else so where do we stand? Surely if everything else that is smoke damaged is being replaced then why not the full kitchen units.? Our marble bench tops are ok though as they have not retained any smoke smell.

any help would be good.

Best answer:

Answer by cheezyhill
I could give you all kinds of advice, but what it boils down to is it is you against the insurance company.

First don’t sign anything or agree to anything in writing or verbally YET!

Once you sign off you are done.

You can try to argue with them on your own, simply don’t agree to sign ans say you are not satisfied. Do not let them intimidate you, they will try to tell you you must sign etc. 90% of the people accept their first offer and sign off. Threaten to hire a solicitor. Eventually you do have to sign but not until you are satisfied.

If you can not get them to change their mind on your own (this will not be a big surprise) then hire a solicitor (lawyer in the USA). Now this may or may not be worth the expense. But that is a decision you need to make.

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