The neighbor on Home Improvement?

Question by futuremommyandwife: The neighbor on Home Improvement?
In the TV show HOME IMPROVEMENT, how come the neighbor never shows his whole face?

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Answer by Sheri2271
It was just a running gag that the shows creators came up with, I personally thought it was kinda cute.

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  1. Earl John Hindman played the role of Wilson W. Wilson, Jr. on the show.

    According to Wikipedia,

    In Home Improvement
    As the beloved grandfatherly neighbor, Wilson always seemed to solve the Taylor family’s problems. It was never really known what Wilson looked like, because there always was some clever way of hiding part of his face from view (although on occasion his whole face was nearly visible). A number of in-jokes have been made about this; in one episode, he comments on Tim’s beard, saying, “I can’t understand why a man would want to hide his face” and in another, Wilson makes reference to distant relatives he has never met, saying that some of them “have never even seen [his] face”.

    Some reports indicate that while Wilson’s face being obscured behind the fence was an early gimmick (Wilson was partly inspired by a neighbor that Tim Allen had when he was very little and was too short to see over his neighbor’s fence and therefore unable to see his neighbor’s face), Hindman was responsible for continuing it in any scenario, ensuring that Wilson’s entire face was never seen all at once. A fan favorite was a Halloween episode, in which Wilson dressed up as The Phantom of the Opera, with a mask hiding the upper portion of his face and revealing the lower part, the reverse of a usual episode. His face is briefly revealed at the end of the final episode when the entire cast comes out to take their bows for the show’s final curtain call. However, Wilson’s full face can be seen in a few episodes, such as at a party or sitting down cutting apples.

    Hindman died on December 29, 2003 of lung cancer.

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