Will there be a reunion of home Improvement?

Question by Mary M: Will there be a reunion of home Improvement?
Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson, do they stay in touch? Will they make another home improvement?

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Answer by Soapy_Raindrop
Maybe.Home Improvement’s producers-Matt Williams,Carmen Finestra & David MacFadzean decided to have casts back for another home improvement series or a final reunion.I like Tool Time with Tim Allen & Al Borland -“Does everybody know what time it is?”

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One thought on “Will there be a reunion of home Improvement?”

  1. No they will not.

    Patricia was pretty pissed off over her not getting enough money, and that will not change.

    The man who played Wilson, Earl Hindman, died years ago.

    And Johnathan Taylor Thomas will not come back at all.

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